Frequency converter

With the converters of Parker we cover the range of 0,2kW to 2MW. So we have the ideal solution for most AC-motors for a safe and efficient machine.

It doesn't matter if the converter is delievered as a single product or if it is build within a complete switch cabinet.

The high request of quality of Parker is also reached with alle drive products.




DC-Converter from Parker are based on a long experience and are available up to 2700A. In the small range we use the well known analogue devices and the digital devices start from 15A.

DC-Converter will still be developped further and ensure the investment.



Brakes / Clutches

We offer with the supplier Merobel a relieable and high-standard product line of magnetic pouder brakes and clutches.


Magnetic pouder brakes are typically used in applications with unwinders, which are not driven by motors. So it's possible to control the web tension with the desired value. By use of magnetic pouder clutches a constant movement can be converted into a controlled continuous movement.


It's important to consider the thermal power loss for the dimension.




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