Drive systems

In the complex field of drives technology INDUR is in a first step the important part of a competent partner, to evaluate the ideal concept of drives and controls for the customer.
Our long experience in the field of automation is our reference. The well trained engineering-team analyses the drive-issues of our customers and designes after a detailed consulting customer-fitting solutions. We take care about the planning and ensure the relieable collaboration of drives, automation and process. The programming of the controls and the building of the switch cabinets are important parts and are done inhouse.




For the control of the machines we use PC based HMIs or Touchpanels, depending on the customer request. They allow a clear alarm-control, recipe-handling, trending and interfaces to superior enterprise systems. With the put into operation at the customers site we ensure the correct function of the drive system and the control. 

We stand as a competent Siemens Solution Partner within automation and drives. Hereby we can access to the support of Siemens and profit of the innovative technology which is allocated by Siemens.

The world-wide service and customer support of INDUR ensures a longterm maintenance of value of the investments for our customers.





Retrofit is the modernisation and/or upgrading of an existing machine and is often realised when spare parts are no longer available or when interferences increase. With help of a retrofit the operation of the machine can be ensured, the productivity will be increased and the availability is rised.
First of all the machine is analysed, due to the fact that a short interrupt of the production can be planned. To hold the planning it is important to make a good preparation, a quick process of the retrofit and a efficient startup. The experience within the last 60 years with retrofitting, e.g. converting with nonstop-winders, show the competences of INDUR in this area.




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