The product line MULTIFORM consists of single- and double-stage worm gear-boxes and double- and three-stage helical gear-boxes. All types are fitted with AC motors up to 550W by default. The boxes are produced out of a composition of aluminium and all shafts have ball bearings. The parts are produced in high precision and all types have mounting holes with screw threads on all faces; except the motor face. Base plates and flanges are available optional. The MULTIFORM gear-boxes are filled with a sythetic lubricant, which has not to be changed during the life under normal conditions. 


For the increased range of power we distribute worm gears, coaxial, bevel and shaft mounted helical gear-boxes of the spanish supplier PUJOL Muntala in a power range up to 173kW and a torque up to 5000Nm, with a reduction up to 10`000 : 1.


Teh gear-boxes convince with a solid manufacturing, relieable and quiet running quality, a good compatibility with other gear-boxes and a huge variation of types. 




INDUR Antriebstechnik AG, Industriestrasse 17, CH-4410 Liestal, Phone 061 279 29 00

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