Job vacancies:


- Specialist PLC and drive systems (french/german speaking)


Unsolicited applications are also acceptable. Please send the complete applications to Mrs. Susanne Rudin. Thanks a lot.





We regularly educate automaticians (4-year apprentice) and office assistants (2-year apprentice). We want to contribute with that to the education of qualified persons.


Interested? -> Please contact Mrs. Susanne Rudin .


College of higher education:


In collaboration with the dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Lörrach we educate Engineers in elctrical engineering. The education consists of 3 years with about 50% in the company and about 50% in college. So we can guarantee a practical education.


Interested? -> Please contact Jürg Spillmann with your application.



INDUR Antriebstechnik AG, Industriestrasse 17, CH-4410 Liestal, Phone 061 279 29 00

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